Fri. Jan.20

9:30a: Rehearse


  Sun. Feb.19

  “Men of Myth & Legend”

    Dvorak - “Othello
    Gluck - “Orfeo” excerpts
    Liszt - “Orpheus
    Gounod - "Faust" Ballet

Northeast Orchestra

     of Greater Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota

 We rehearse weekly, and concertize 4 times,
                              September through May.
  Rehearsals are Fridays 9:30a to 12:00n,
                                with goodies at break!
  Concerts are Sundays at 3:00p,
       at Church of St.William in Fridley.

 The orchestra welcomes inquiries from any musician.
We do not hold competitive auditions;
places available in the brass and wind sections depend.

 We've enjoyed same sterling conductor Dr. Jeffrey Stirling for 15 years! 

NEO Schedule Winter/Spring 2017

 Next: Rehearsal, Jan.20  @9:30a

 Upcoming Concerts
   Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017  @3:00p 
“Men of Myth & Legend”
         Dvorak: "Othello" Overture
         Liszt: "Orpheus"
         Gluck: "Orfeo"
Krista Costin, mezzo soprano
           Ballet Act.2/Sc.2 ("Dance of Blessed Spirits")
           Orpheus aria "Che puro ciel,..." (Act 2/Sc.3)
           Ballet from Act.3/Sc.
           Orpheus aria "Che faro senza Euridice"
         Gounod: "Faust" Ballet Music

Sunday, Mar. 19, 2017 (Fridley City Band shares)

     Sunday, May 21, 2017