NEWS ABOUT OUR 42nd YEAR - 2013-2014

The Northeast Orchestra, which started out as the Northeast Chamber Orchestra in 1972, celebrated its 40th Anniversary concluding in May 2012 and we will start our 43rd year in September, 2014!

We invite supporters of the Northeast Orchestra to consider a special gift to undergird our ongoing work. We ask you to see the SUPPORT section for details of how you can support us. 

New orchestra members: We were pleased to welcome several new members to the Northeast Orchestra in the last year, including Gordon Kramer (cello), Wendy Lukaszewski (cello); Jade Wallat (bass); Robert Hallquist (trumpet),  Peter McIntyre, (trumpet - returning), and David DeGennaro (percussion).

  We are also glad to have some regular additional players who join us as needed: James Buxton (harp), Shelagh MacLeod (bass clarinet), Art Kourajian (clarinet).

  Dr. Jeffrey Stirling is our music director and conductor for the 13th consecutive year.

  Budget: our Board has set our budget for the next year at ~$23,000.